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We have direct contracts with state governing authorities, which gives us the advantage in both turnaround time and price.

Temporary permits are required for both Trip & Fuel. A trip permit is needed when a carrier does not have a state listed on the apportioned license on the vehicle tractor and/or trailer. A fuel permit is needed when a carrier does not have a state listed on the IFTA account.

Permits we offer include

  • Trip & fuel temporary permits
  • Oversize & overweight permits
  • Superloads
  • City permits
  • County permits

AtlasEstimator - Permit Fee Estimator

Atlas Estimator is our permit estimating tool that is built directly into our permit ordering system.

Quickly get permit estimates by entering basic information like overall dimensions and states you are travelling through. Save time and make more money by knowing permit prices before ordering.

  • Instant permit estimates
  • Save and update estimates
  • Easily convert estimates into orders
  • Save time preparing bids
  • Enable more employees to bid loads
  • Increase your profits

Escort requirements

Many jurisdictions require escorts, civilian and or police, for safety on movements that are particularly large or are traveling through difficult routes. Requirements and costs vary among government entities.


West Chester Permit is proud to introduce Atlas. Developed in-house, Atlas is designed to streamline and consolidate the permit ordering process. How can Atlas help you?

  • Order and check the status of your permits anytime, anywhere you have Internet access
  • Add, delete and edit your own equipment inventory
  • Save axle spacings, tire sizes, axle ratings, loads and routes for quick and easy ordering
  • Upload and access critical documents right from your online account
  • Robust error checking and data validations help us return your permits faster
  • Automatically receive permits to multiple emails or faxes