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Fuel tax reporting

This service is designed to keep you legal in filing your fuel tax reporting on time. Turn in the miles and fuel purchased in each state and we will prepare the filings for you.

  • Free trip sheets with pre-paid envelopes
  • Free driver breakdowns
  • One fee per truck, per quarter
  • No escrow deposits
  • No fees per tax return

FTR Audits

Audits are never fun, but a bit of preparation can help expedite the process when it happens. Here are a few pointers to keep you running without the worry.

  • All records needed to substantiate tax reports may be kept for four (4) years. These records should include trip logs, per-state mileage records, trip permits and fuel receipts
  • Be sure to note odometer start and end miles for each state, as well as origin and destination
  • Also important are vehicle unit/fleet numbers and registrant's name
  • Fuel receipts should include the date, sale location, gallons purchased, and the vehicle the fuel was purchased for