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We can apply for your

  • 48-state operating authority
  • BOC-3 filing
  • US DOT registration number
  • International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) setup
  • Brokerage authority
  • CVOR (if operating in Canada)

Filing for an Interstate Operating Authority can be cumbersome and time consuming. There are mandatory waiting periods, options for state accounts and intrastate authorities. Ultimately, all you want to know is when you will be able to run.

The application process

First, your application is processed electronically with the federal highway for an MC#, USDOT# and BOC-3. The numbers are usually available within 24—48 hours and are given to you as they become available.

Next, insurance filings are requested to be sent to FHWA and an IFTA account, if needed, is applied for with your base plate state.

Once your application has been on file and is viewable online with FMSCA, a mandatory 3 week waiting period begins. After the authority shows online the KYU & NY Hut are applied for. After the waiting period, the authority will become active and then can be used.

  • It is illegal to operate until your authority is active.